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Time is a funny thing, there’s so much, yet so little of it. Here at Bad Wilf we tr20121223-014750.jpgy our best to bring you all the latest news, reviews and interviews, along with many other features but we don’t always have the time. So, we’re looking to recruit some like-minded people to help out.
Sadly, we can’t offer any payment but for our regular contributors there may be opportunities to conduct interviews, attend screenings, conventions and press launches.

We’re looking for people to review these following shows:

American horror story
Being Human (UK)
Being Human (US)
Chicago Fire
Comic book men
Doctor Who
Ripper Street
The Bates motel
The Walking Dead

We’re also looking for people to write great-quirky features. Maybe you’re a cosplayer who tracks down items of clothing worn by characters in your favourite shows and movies, you could write about the hunt and share where others can find them.
Do you live near some geek attractions? Maybe Doctor Who or Being Human have filmed down your street, could you blog about that?

If you’d like to contribute Bad Wilf then please email me at
If you have previous experience with blogging then please send us any links you have. If you don’t have any previous experience, don’t worry still get in touch with us.

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