It was pointed out to me this week – by my mother – that I may have been wrong when filling out my census. Apparently the “what is your religion” question was supposed to have a more conventional answer than the choice I made of “Whovian.”

For those of you that do not know, (why don’t you?) Whovian is a fanatic of all things Doctor Who. I had heard that many thousands of people answered “Jedi” on the last one and thought I would have a little joke with the guys that have to read and analyse all these millions of bits of paper. Then I got to thinking – which is never a good sign – Whovian is my religion! I have actually thought this through and will layout for you now my argument.

I would like to start though by explaining these are the thoughts of a non-religious, slightly mad and very tired chef with a warped sense of humour and are not to be taken too seriously. They’re certainly not meant as disrespect to those of you that are religious! I guess I’m asking you to read this and not to hurt me afterwards! It is my understanding from a close friend of mine and devout Christian that he needs Jesus in his life and the thought of Jesus helps him to get through a day; other friends of mine can quote scripture at the drop of a hat and believe in The Bible so passionately it actually frightens me.

So what is the difference between this and my love and fascination of Doctor Who? I watch episodes to make myself feel better: the thought of an upcoming special or start of a new season gets me through a day and I can quote, my gosh can I quote! So here are the comparisons, my findings if you will.

The doctor who is one man; so is Jesus Christ.

Jesus has an all-powerful relative that controls time and space; Doctor Who is a Time Lord.

Doctor Who is an old fictional story that has brought happiness to millions; The Bible has never been proved to actually be God’s word so it is – until proved otherwise – a great work of fiction.

Jesus could perform miracles to heal himself and others, even bringing himself back from the dead; Doctor Who regenerates.

I could go on but will not risk upsetting those of you out there that need religion in your life; all I ask is that I am left alone to worship the one man and one story that does for me what The Bible does for you.