Trailer-Shaun the sheep

I’ve been a fan of Aardman animation for years, so I’m really excited for this Wallace and Gromit spin-off.
Viewers first met Shaun way back in the Wallace and Gromit movie ‘a close shave’.
Shaun the sheep has been a long running and successful tv series on CBBC and, was recently voted the nation’s favourite BBC children’s character of all time in a Radio Times poll. It has also launched the spin-off series ‘Timmy time’ aimed at the younger cbeebies audience.

The movie sees Shaun decide to take the day off and have some fun, he gets a little more action than he bargained for! SHAUN’s mischief inadvertently leads to The Farmer being taken away from the farm, to the Big City…

SHAUN THE SHEEP THE MOVIE is currently in Production at Aardman Studios in Bristol and will open in UK Cinemas on February 6th 2015.

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