Tennant to ten, once more?


Fresh rumours have started circulating that David Tennant will be involved with the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who. Of the past Doctor’s, I think Tennant is the most likely to return. Christopher Eccleston has already stated he will not return and Paul McGann is too early for young fans to remember.
At Comic Con in 2009 a fan asked Tennnt “Will you do Doctor Who again?”. He replied “Well, 2013 is the 50th anniversary”.
Ok that statement alone does not prove his involvement, but it does mean he is willing to do it. I don’t think that we’ll get a multi-Doctor special, but if we did what would the story entail? How would 10 and 11 meet? I have a theory, it’s already been established that Tennant’s Doctor went back and saw EVERY single companion, I think he would have gone forward to see who was next.