Stephen Lang wants to play Cable

Deadpool has been box office smash, it’s shattered records with a worldwide opening weekend of $300million. Which is more than double its $58 million budget.
After the end credits, Deadpool confirmed a sequel-which will feature iconic X-men member, Cable.
Avatar villain Stephen Lang took to Twitter today, to campaign for the role, and. He’s pretty much a perfect choice.

The release date of deadpool 2 is currently unkown, but it’s thought the studio want it to replace the original date set for Fantastic Four 2 will.
Fox have a busy schedule for their X-Men Universe, this May sees the release X-Men: Apocalypse. With the rumoured R-rated Wolverine 3 (a sequel to two films which no longer exsist) arriving in March 2017.
The studio is also developing, Gambit, The New Mutants, X-Men 7 and, two TV series set in the universe.