Simon Kinberg talks X-Men/Fantastic Four

It’s well documented that Hugh Jackman and Andrew Garfield have expressed interest in joining the Avengers. However, studio politics stand in their way. Disney/Marvel studios own the Avengers, Sony own Spider-Man and Fox own the X-Men and the fantastic four. Getting these three studios to split profits would be difficult, who gets the lunch box proceeds?

Simon Kinberg, the writer of the new X-Men film has spoken out about the possibilities of a crossover between X-Men and the Fantastic Four.
He said:

“The Fantastic Four live in a world where they are fantastic because they are the only people who have super powers. If they were to live in a world full of mutants they would kind of just be four more mutants,” he says. “In the X-Men movies, we have never acknowledged a public team of superheroes called the Fantastic Four who live in New York City, even though Charles’ mansion is in Westchester not so far form the city.”

I don’t entirely agree with him, I don’t think it would be too difficult to explain a shared universe between the franchises.