Review-Sherlock series 2 soundtrack

When I sat to listen to this soundtrack, I didn’t really know what to expect or whether I would like it. I like classical music as much as I like heavy rock or my Billy Joel collection but I’m not a hugely knowledgeable fan so it normally takes something special to grab my attention. And grab it this does! All the way through the album there is the traditional solo violin in some form running. You are left in no doubt that this is Holmes.

I also liked the mix of electronica and orchestral sounds through the soundtrack.

There is an instrument that throughout all the tracks amazes me with its distinctive sound: very reminiscent of eastern European music, this is the Zimbalon, a sound box with strings across it that are struck by mallets, a drummers piano if you will.

The entire album feels heavily influenced by John Barry: rhythmic backgrounds but with slow melodies over the top creating distinctive atmospheres. Unusual instrumentation for unusual sounds but with traditional scoring and orchestral structures are very “Out of Africa.” They show huge landscape whether it be the Baskerville moors or the inside of Sherlock with the mind palace; strange moods are produced that really fit with the scenes.

As far as television soundtracks go this is sublime, obviously created from a love of tradition and of big film score sounds. If only other television shows would follow this lead.

Overall it’s a fantastic listen – incredible scoring and orchestrations and excellent use of instrumentation to provide mood. 4/5. See ratings of the individual tracks further in.

David Arnold and Michael Price’s Sherlock series 2 soundtrack is available now from Silva Screen Records

  • Track 1 – Irene’s theme 4/5
  • Track 2 – Potential clients 3/5
  • Track 3 – Status symbols 3/5
  • Track 4 – The woman 4/5
  • Track 5 – Dark times 4/5
  • Track 6 – Smoke alarm 3/5
  • Track 7 – SHERlocked 5/5
  • Track 8 – Pursued by a hound 4/5
  • Track 9 – The village 3/5
  • Track 10 – Double room 3/5
  • Track 11 – Deeper into Baskerville 4/5
  • Track 12 – To Dartmoor 3/5
  • Track 13 – The lab 3/5
  • Track 14 – Mind palace and solution 5/5
  • Track 15 – Grimm fairy tales 4/5
  • Track 16 – Deduction and deception 4/5
  • Track 17 – Prepared to do anything 4/5
  • Track 18 – Blood on the pavement 4/5
  • Track 19 – One more miracle 5/5