Review-Jordan Gray at the London Palladium

Jordan Gray, fresh from her headline-grabbing performance on Channel 4’s Friday Night Live, graces the London Palladium with her phenomenal show, ‘Is It a Bird?’ Universally acclaimed at the Edinburgh Fringe, Gray’s show is a brave satire on life as a trans woman, covering a wide range of topics from superheroes to Hitler’s love for dogs. Her delivery is captivating, with an effervescent energy that’s hard to resist.

As a musician and lyricist, Gray’s songs are as accomplished as her stand-up, with highlights including her love/hate relationship with gluten in Celia C. The only other object on stage is a red phone box, a provocative nod to the superhero transformation trope that Gray uses to stunning effect in the show’s final moments.

Is It a Bird? is far more than just a comedy act; it’s an empowering and life-affirming hour of exquisite comedy that’s both raw and polished. It’s no wonder one review claimed this show would change lives – Gray’s performance is so much more than that. She has the power to save lives with her talent and her message. With her pioneering spirit, Gray has the potential to join the ranks of comedy legends like Carlin, Evans, Pryor, Seinfeld, and Rivers.


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