Peter Capaldi to direct Veep

Today’s issue of ShortList Magazine, had an interview with the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi. In the interview the actor said something interesting. He was asked if he would be interested in making a cameo in American series, Veep, as Malcolm Tucker.

He said:

“Sure, why not? It would be fine by me. I’m about to direct a couple of episodes, does that count? That seems like the compromise option.
The only thing is, Doctor Who takes up so much time, it doesn’t leave a lot of time to do other things. That whole team are all dear friends. I’d love to work with them at some point again.”

Now, it’s interesting that he says Doctor Who takes up so much time, a tenth series of Doctor Who has been commissioned that is a fact. But, you may remember that Private Eye recently reported that there would be no full series in 2016. Seeing as Doctor Who takes 10 months to film, with a one month worldwide press tour. I just can’t see how Capaldi will have the time, when filming on series 10 would presumedly take place in January.