Torchwood news

The BBC have announced that there will be three new Torchwood radio plays, due out before the new series airs.
Recording begins shortly in L.A, so I assume it will be the full new cast.
The last audio plays, came out in 2008.

Check out Martyn’s reviews of the Torchwood audio books, Ghost Train and Department X, that came out earlier this year:

B.W reporter Imran

The Hounds of The Artemis review

The Hounds of Artemis, takes place in the fifth season, with Amy’s mind still wiped of Rory.
The story sees the opening of Artemis’ tomb in the 1930s and the unleashing of killer hounds.

The story isn’t that compelling. Claire Corbett does, provide some humour in her portrayal of Amy Pond and Matt Smith puts all his energy into all the roles he takes on board, yet the plot is really quite dire. I found it extremely difficult to pay attention to this, as it switches narratives too often for listeners to keep up.

B.W reviewer Martyn

Arthur Darvill to star in Doctor Faustus

The Shakespeare’s Globe have announced casting for their upcoming play, Doctor Faustus.
The role of Doctor Faustus, will be played by Paul Hilton. Arthur Darvill will be playing, the evil spirit Mephistopheles. Arthur Darvill is probably best known for his role as Rory Williams, in Doctor Who.

Arthur Darvill’s television credits include Doctor Who, Little Dorrit for the BBC and He Kills Coppers on ITV. He was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Evening Standard Awards in 2007 for his role as Rex in Swimming with Sharks (Vaudeville), his other theatre credits include Tierre Haute (Trafalgar Studios) and Stacy (Arcola). Arthur is a musician and composer and has collaborated with playwright Ché Walker in writing songs for The Frontline (Shakespeare’s Globe) and Been So Long (Young Vic/UK Tour).

The play runs from 18th June until the 2nd October 2011. For more details on the production, see the Shakespeare’s Globe website, at

iplayer viewing figures

Doctor Who is leading the iPlayer downloads with episode one of the new series, The Impossible Astronaut, being streamed/downloaded over 1.5 million times in the 12 days after is original broadcast.

The figure is nearly three times higher than any other programme on the iPlayer.

The second episode, Day of the Moon, had been streamed/downloaded, over 1.07 million times in the four days it has been available. It has even beaten The Royal Wedding Service which has been downloaded 0.62 million times since Friday.

B.W reporter Martyn

Calling all females

We’re currently looking for a female co-host to join us on the Bad Wilf podcast. You must be interested in Doctor Who, classic series and new and also the spin-off’s, Torchwood and Sarah Jane.
Ideally, you should be based in the UK, as we can’t be dealing with the time difference of other countries, we will make exceptions, if the time difference is only an hour.

If you’re interested, then please contact us at