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Just to let you know I attended the Valiant 2 Doctor Who convention in Sheffield yesterday. I meet and interviewed Sophie Aldred ( Seventh Doctor Companion), Kenneth Cope (Warriors’ Gate), Clifford Rose (Warriors’ Gate), David Weston (The Massacre & Warriors’ Gate), Roy Spencer (The ark & Fury from the Deep), Joseph Lidster (Writer) and Simon Guerrier (Writer).

These interviews and a few photos will be up on the site in the next few days

Ayesha Antoine

Between acts at Stratford East, Martyn and Gerrod interview Ayesha Antoine; safe to say a great time was had by all. Look out for Martyn and Imran in Ayesha’s next film, a kick-ass kung-fu spy movie.

Ayesha played the scientist Dee Dee Blasco in Doctor Who: Midnight.

Red Riding Hood at Stratford East:
Follow Ayesha on Twitter: @hobbitluv

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Episode 14: Sarah Jane Series Four

A Sarah Jane filled episode in which Martyn looks at the vault of secrets, then Martyn and Gerrod look at Death of The Doctor.

Due to technobumble the review for The Empty Planet went missing, so we skip straight to Martyn and David Montieth from Geek Syndicate talking about Lost in Time.

Geek Syndicate:

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