Daemos Rising is coming to DVD 

Koch Media have announced the release date for the upcoming Daemos Rising, the 2004 sequel to the unofficial 1995 Doctor Who spin-off film, Downtime. The film also acts as a sequel to the Jon Pertwee classic ‘The Daemons’. Daemos rising will arrive on DVD in July.


In the film, Cavendish is broken by his experiences in Downtime and hides away in a country cottage where he becomes absorbed by the occult. Kate Lethbridge-Stewart of UNIT travels to see him after an appeal for help and together they battle the resurgent evil Daemons from the story of the same name.

The film has received a digital remaster and includes an additional 16:9 Widescreen version of the feature for the first time. The DVD also includes new Special Features:
Retrospective (New): 13mins

Behind the Scenes: 20mins

Cast and Crew: 9mins

Creative Feature: 4mins

Guy Leopold Speaks! : 3mins

Kents Cavern: 4mins

Making Music: 4mins

Slide Show (New)

Starring Beverley Cressman (Downtime) and Miles Richardson (Midsomer Murders) and narrated by Ian Richardson (House of Cards). Daemos Rising is Written by David J. Howe and Directed by Keith Barnfather.

Daemos Rising is out on DVD July 25th.