Comic review-Superman: Lost #1

In 1938, the world got its first glimpse of Superman and Lois Lane in Action Comics #1, which forever altered the world of entertainment. A plethora of media has allowed fans to revel in the couple’s adventures.

However, it is in the pages of comics where the duo truly thrived. To mark their 85th anniversary, the esteemed writer Christopher Priest, accompanied by the talented artist Carlo Pagulayan, are reuniting to scrutinise the relationship between Superman and Lois. In this maxi-series, our hero has been lost on an adventure for two decades, yet in Lois’s eyes, he has only been away for a few hours. Such a twist promises to offer comic book enthusiasts a fresh perspective on the beloved characters.

Messrs. Priest and Pagulayan’s past collaboration on Deathstroke landed them an Eisner nomination. Thus, one should expect nothing but the best from this dynamic duo. The notion of Superman leading an alternative life is wild and fascinating, and, with the freedom that comes with a maxi-series, there is ample scope for in-depth examination of the couple’s relationship. The art of Mr. Pagulayan, coupled with the inks of Mr. Jason Paz and the colours of Mr. Jeromy Cox, elevates the script to new heights and imbues the characters with a depth of emotion seldom seen in the comic book world. The variant covers by Mr. Lee Weeks are also a delight, capturing the emotions of Superman’s detachment and loss.

The interactions between Batman, Superman, and Lois form the heart of the narrative. Because her beloved had died, Priest has created a Lois who is reasonably furious, and because the man who has returned is not the same as the one she knew. Superman recognises the predicament and accepts responsibility for his actions, but the dynamic between Batman and Lois just heightens the tenseness. Each character receives due respect in Priest’s script, which gives them a voice that fits. The JLA functions as a unit, Lois expresses her rage, and Batman wrestles with his guilt.

This maxiseries’ opening issue is captivating and draws readers in right away. Every page reflects the creative team’s love and devotion for the narrative and characters, and the outcome is nothing short of a delight for comic book fans.


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