Brosnan backs Idris Elba as Bond

After the Sony hack a few months ago, it was revealed that Exec Amy Pascal was interested with the idea of Idris Elba (Luther, The Wire) take up the mantel of James Bond when/if Daniel Craig decides to hand over the keys to his Aston Martin.

Daily mail readers went in to melt down about a black man having a licence to kill.

Now, former 007 Pierce Brosnan has chimed in on the debate. Speaking to the radio times he said:

“Yeah, Idris Elba would make a good Bond. Colin Salmon also. May the best man get the job and may Daniel bring home the bacon for as long as he wants.”

Fans of the franchise may well remember that long before Daniel Craig was announced, Colin Salmon was the bookies favourite to take on the role.

Salmon has already appeared as Charles Robinson in three Bond films – Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day.

Elba has stated that he would be interested in the role, were it offered to him. I personally would love to see him take on the role. Colin Salmon would also be a great choice, but I think him playing such a central character in the past may go against him.

Given the way Skyfall explored a lot of Bond’s past, I don’t think Daniel Craig is ready to go just yet.

The 24th Bond film ‘Spectre’ is currently in Production and is released on the October 23rd.