Book review: Help I’m trapped in my best friends nose

A lot of children’s books are reviewed nowadays by either children, so adults don’t or wont read them, or adults, so kids don’t want to because its not written by them. So how do you break this vicious circle? how do you continue to have your children interested in reading? Well here’s one way….this review is written by both myself and my 11 year old son.

Help I’m stuck up my best friends nose is a book of short stories by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton. The back cover is hilarious, where by most books have a synopsis of the story or a note about the authors, the back cover of this collection of stories is a points scoring quiz.

Questions like Do you ever look in a mirror and see a maniac looking back? or Do you swing on a washing line whenever you get the chance? you then score a point for every answer you like, the problem is whatever you score the answer leads you to loving the book. Very cleverly done.

Andy Griffiths then takes us through nine short stories of incredible humour for both children and adults with illustrations by the remarkable Terry Denton on every page.

Kraig picked this book due to the gory and funny stories and liked the idea that the stories where short so you could enjoy them and take a rest before the next one.

The title story is about a boys dream, in this dream the boys friend Danny is a giant and picks his nose with the boy on his finger, and Kraig thinks the stories just got funnier and funnier as the book went on.

A must read for all children in the 9 to 12 age group. – Steve and Kraig