Bad News, everyone

Futurama has been cancelled (again). Comedy Central have announced that the 13 episode series airing in June, will be the last.
The show returned with great success after it’s initial cancellation, by fox in 2003, but it seems that the momentum could to be maintained.

The shows co-creator and executive producer David X. Cohen added
“If this is indeed the end of Futurama, it’s a fantastic finish to a good, long run,”.


Halle Berry pic

Yeah, we can’t get excited either. Here is the first picture of Halle Berry from the set of X-Men:Days of future past.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past, will see Berry reunite with her past co-stars Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and Anna Paquin, along with many others.
The film will be released in the UK on 17 July 2014.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles named number one new property

Since their return to TV screens in October 2012 in Nickelodeon’s new animated series, Turtle fever has swept the UK. Latest figures now reveal that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are the official Number 1 new property.

An integral part of the Turtle phenomenon, the hugely popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures are 3rd Action Figure Brand YTD following outstanding 2013 sales.
Firmly cementing their place as the number one choice for kids, the Turtle figures also held onto their position as top of the Action Figure Super Category after another phenomenal month. The Action figures were also the 7th bestselling line by value in the total toy market.

Having made it into fifth position in the Super Category, the innovative PowerFX figures have proved a huge hit with kids across the country. Due to the exceptional popularity, the figures will continue to feature as part of the Autumn/Winter collection in a bid to meet consumer demand. The range extension will supported by continued TV advertising.

Indicating high demand and unprecedented popularity for the entire Turtles range, the whole GP Flair, Turtles line performed exceptionally well. In the Accessories and Playsets category the toys claim three of the top five spots with the hugely popular Shell Raiser reigning in pole position for the second consecutive month. It’s also evident that kids are continuing to enjoy bringing their favourite Turtle to life with imaginative play, as the Ninja Combat Gear is once again 1st in the Role Play category.

Nic Aldridge, Marketing Director at Flair Leisure Products, comment: “We are absolutely thrilled with the latest set of results, which clearly show that the Turtles toys really are beginning to dominate the UK toy market. With the TV series now on ITV and CITV, we foresee the popularity gaining considerable pace as the Turtles are introduced to a whole new audience.

“As we prepare to extend the toy range even further with a number of new waves of product launches throughout the year, these latest results have given us every confidence that Turtles’ popularity will continue to soar as the phenomenon continues.”

Dexter spin-off?

It was officially announced last week that series 8 of Dexter will be the last. But, David Nevins, the president 20130422-163323.jpgof showtime has explained that it could return as a spin-off, he stated that there were no active plans but “all options on the table”.

With Dexter being Showtime’s flagship show, it’s not surprising that a spin-off is being considered.
It’s been rumoured that any spin-off would focus on Deb, but I think that’s far too predictable. If I were in charge, I’d give the spin-off to Quinn. He’s an established character, likeable yet flawed and not afraid to bend the rules.

Would you be interested in seeing a Dexter spin-off? Who should be the lead character?

Dexter returns in the US at the end of June.

Check out our interview with David “Angel Batista” Zayas.

Villains return

Classic series villains, The Zygon’s are returning to Doctor Who for the 50th anniversary special. The creators haven’t fully appeared since the Tom Baker series, Terror of the Zygon’s. the appeared briefly in The Pandorica opens and we’re mentioned in the power of three.
Older who fans and Big Finish listeners will remember that the Zygon’s are shape-shifters, able to replicate any living thing they desire.


It has also been announced that Joanna Page, will also be staring in the anniversary special.


Misfits to end

E4 have confirmed that series 5 of Misfits will be the last.20130403-001846.jpg
Joseph Gilgun, Karla Crome, Nathan McMullen, Matt Stokoe and Natasha O’Keeffe will all return for eight more episodes, which are due to air in the Autumn.
I’m actually sad to see the show go, but I think it has come to its logical conclusion. On one hand, Misfits lends itself to cast changes more than any other show. You do your community service, you complete your hours and move on, but realistically how many people involved in that storm could end up on community service?

The shows creator, Howard Overman hinted earlier this year that he had written the first draft of a movie based on the series. He also teased the previous characters may make an appearance. There have also been talks of an American remake.

Episode 89: Doctor Who-The Bells Of Saint John

In which we actually discuss Doctor Who, yes, actual Doctor Who. Martyn and new host Mark look at The Bells Of Saint John. It’s also our longest episode to date.

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Is the lack of Classic Doctor Who financial?

I, along with many other Who fans have been disappointed with the lack of Classic20130213-093655.jpg Doctor Who episodes being shown in the 50th anniversary year. With BBC America airing them as well as broadcasters in New Zealand and Australia doing the same, it seemed that BBC Worldwide were only concerned with fleecing the UK fan-base.
But, could the absence of classic who be financial? Christopher Biggins once stated in an interview that every time the BBC repeated an episode of Porridge, he, along with the other actors in the episode were paid £1,000. But, if UK gold played it, or it aired overseas they didn’t get a penny. I guess paying every actor involved in a classic story £1,000 per episode, just isn’t a viable option for them.
What do you think? Is the lack of Classic Who, down to the BBC’s financial constraints or, are BBC worldwide just interested in fleecing the fans?


New Thunderbirds

It was announced today that ITV are making a new version of everybody’s20130204-123418.jpg favourite kids tv show, Thunderbirds. The new series will be a co-production with Peter Jackson’s Weta Workshop. It has already received a 26-episode order, which is unheard of on British tv. It will be a CGI series, instead of the old school supermarionation.
Our good friends, nights at the round table recently discussed Thunderbirds in their two part tribute to Gerry Anderson. Listen to part 1 here and part 2 here.


Game of Thrones Star Peter Dinklage to Attend London Film and Comic Con!

The hit HBO series Game of Thrones has taken the UK by storm with tyrion_lannister_10245c536af7fdcbits first two amazing seasons, now to celebrate the much anticipated third season returning to Sky One this year London Film and Comic Con will be host to some of the shows most beloved characters including PETER DINKLAGE, JASON MOMOA, KRISTIAN NAIRN and CLIVE RUSSELL who will taking part in signing autographs, professional photshoots and talks!
Peter Dinklage is best known for his role as Tyrion Lannister in the critically acclaimed TV series Game of Thrones. His performance saw him collect an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 2011, as well as a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2012.
Dinklage will be joined by Jason Momoa, other wise known as Khal Drogo the leader of the Dothraki Nomads. Momoa, who is also known for his role as Ronan Dex in Stargate Atlantis was the last person to be cast for the Game of Thrones TV pilot, but Drogo left a lasting imprint on fans worldwide.
Kristian Nairn, known for his role as the loveable Hodor who is never seen far from Bran Stark’s side, and new cast member Clive Russell who will be playing Brynden Tully in series three will also be attending London Film and Comic Con this July.
All four of the Game of Thrones stars will be taking part in signing autographs, professional photo shoots and on stage talks over the weekend. Tickets are available from the Showmasters On-line Shop now! But be sure to check out the other stars attending too, including guests from Terminator, E.T, Star Trek, Star Wars and many more!
Event Details

London Film and Comic Con
Friday 5th – Sunday 7th July 2013
Earls Court 2, London

Tel: 01908 671138 (Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm)